February 27, 2004

Yesterday I saw "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" which i thought was okay. Jpeg thought it sucked badly. The bad spaghetti western style and corny jokes reminded of the kind of film Clintos and I would make. har har. Even the opening titles were dodgy. I could have done a better job on Adobe Premiere. maybe.

I think I'm going abit loco. Hyper emotional lately. Sudden outbursts of tears for no reason! I think it has to do with my body's depleted energy levels, but I dont feel very tired. Or maybe my body is used to this constant state of fatigue that it doesn't register. Anyhow I plan to do nothing these next two days - except maybe abit of cardio. It's only 2 more sleeps until the big trial day. My initial concerns of not getting up intime for 5.30am start have been allayed -twice! I am now starting at 8am which is great since my body is used to being awake by then.

Lately alot of my highschool friends have been travelling. And not just on a holiday for 2 weeks kind of stints. No. They have become world citizens. Living in places for a few months and travelling around. It's pretty scary. I feel a sense of urgency to follow or else I'll be left behind. A bit like the hobbits who sees the friends get onto that ship with the elves to a better place. They weren't crying because they wouldnt see their friends again...no, they were crying because they knew it was a better place with better parties with lots of better looking people (the elves) haha! Seriously though, I've often contemplated whether I would make the big move to Europe to work and travel. We all get emails from friends who claim they are updating us on their travels, but they're really just gloating about how they are experiencing different cultures, while you're stuck here. Even when they tell us about how they got mugged. It is still gloating about the experience. I live for those emails.

If i were to go, realistically it's only one year or two, but just like any experience it would change your perspective on the world and life forever. B has declared that she will only travel to 'developing' countries, those that are less fortunate than her own, so that she can experience the hardships and come back home thinking how bloody lucky she is and how great her life really is. Just to put it into perspective. Which in theory is great, but who looks forward to a holiday in the slums or shanty towns every year?


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