May 25, 2003

Girls own adventure
The Girlie weekend away was great! I love doing nothing! I learnt how to build a fire, how not to chop wood (my impression of the Easter Show woodchoppers was very very poor!), and how to toast a perfect spotted marsmellow. The lodge was great, right at the foothills of the rainforest (which I spent a total of 20 minutes in) and you can hear the soothing sounds of the river rushing in the background all day.

The trip back to Sydney was an exercise in beating boredom. There was a massive traffic jam on the highway which was at standstill. There's a remarkable difference between being stuck in a jam in sydney and stuck in a jam in a country area. People strike up conversations with people next to them, they sprint into the bush in the median strip to pee, they pull out stubbies of beer and drink them by the side of the road like they're at a BBQ. There wasn't much aggro. Tracey and I amused the kids in the car next to us by singing to the radio and then doing bad a capella versions of our fave karaoke songs. When we couldn't eat anymore junkfood we dared each other to suck on limes. Nothing like abit of sour fruit to bring out the simple sweetness of life. What a Girls' own adventure! haha.


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