March 03, 2004

Just a quick update...will post up pics etc when i have time.

I'm on my way to Perth and on the road to Shanghai! Yes I made it into the NSW DB team! WOOHOO!
Last Sunday was the trial and while I wasn't happy with the my results (i think I could have done better), I still made it! IT was a close call though, so many strong girls. Loving it! And den? I went and pigged out -nachos and pancakes at Tradewinds Cafe (you rock Tradies!) and KFC afterwards for the satisfying yet sickening feel.

Thanks to all of you who supported me and showed me love and encouragement. (And none to Tony Chan who thought I wouldn't last the first week of IDS bootcamp! Sucker! haha) I'm going to turn into a machine in the next few months so I send my apologies now if I go AWOL from all social outings for a while.

Shout outs to my paddling homeys Kimbo, Melo, The Chad, And Tezza! So HardCore! Joe and Ue - you better paddle your asses off at the retrial this weekend so we can all party hard together in Shangers!!!!!!!!

'XO Men' script is done! So professional. Got log sheets and clapper girls and catering and action sequences and special effects. Filming starts this weekend. I pray for strength, patience and concentration :)

Happy Belated Birthday to 'Auntie' Sylvia Wong who is practically a decade older and wiser than me, but looks the same freaken age as me (good preservation). Anyhow her tragic 80s/mask party was great - lots of old faces and stories to catch up on *evil evil*. Unfortunately I missed out on the 80s revival of our classic karaoke singing days! "Taaake Onnn Meeee..."


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