May 06, 2005

blah blah blah

Yeah so i'm too lazy to post up images so right now it will be text based review of my week.

1. Crappy psuedo designer. that's what i got paid for this week. My inferior skills at pagemaker and being able to line up text in block combined with tight deadline sent me off the deep end. Went a bit loopy actually and realised (a). How uncoool I am at the office when under stress - esp. when I smashed my fists on the table and started making dying animal noises. (b) how i hate incompetence and that includes myself (c) how i realise why i never went into design because I can't actually design! how many ways can you design a document. 1 trillion but i could only come up with 4 styles haha (d) how a little knowledge does not go a long way if you do not know how to use a publisher program correctly (e) how much a wrist can hurt from clicking action - gimmie keyboard shortcuts! The only reason I am doing it is because no one else can and they are too stingy to hire a professional graphic designer ha!

2. As a result of my deadlines I have relished the excuse to eat badly because of my 'high stress levels'. ha! So maccas twice this week - lots of sugar. pig fat, no fruit and thick butter on bread and full cream milk in coffee *gasp*. I can actually see the fat rolls growing around my stomach. mmmmmm!

3. Paddling. It's a mental and physical struggle for me to go from sprinting 250 metre races and being in the top team to 16km marathon races and being in the not so top team. Every training I try push myself, but I still want to have a little cry afterwards because I think I still suck! But... I have my own paddle now, so there's no quitting. I will push on.

4. Too many crafts, not enough time. When i have a spare 5 minutes i dream of a craftier life. To sew, to bake, to paint, to make...anything...and so the quest for the perfect cupcakes begins again - only this time in miniature form. I have purchased mini cupcake tins and mini cupcake cases and shall perform miniature feats in the kitchen this weekend in time for mothers day.

5. bedroom has exploded. again!.

6. Johann the not swedish chef has postd his review about our investment cooking adventure. STay tuned for more cooking action!


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