June 18, 2003

Okay...since elainers has so rudely pointed out in her blog - i have been slack with my updates so HERE is my update!
Been going Loco! Spinning around! Work has been dizzy - been covering for a guy who is on holidays and doing all the pleb work..wahhh! Basketball has made me all huffy-G! But at least darling clinto F'er is back in da house from Nippon! So we can start our next projects - Enter the Dragon Short Film Fest - we're so going to kick it babeeeee!

Also been hitting the gym in latest effort to get fitter - motivated by basketball and the snow! and the thought of puttin on a bikini and lying on a beach in Fiji (or as my boss says "F1-J1" hehehehe)! Can't wait - am going to book the tickets tomorrow!

Hmmm...stuff from a few weekends ago - had a 'Miss Universe Pagent Party', saw my first aussie rules game "go the swannies!" lots of good looking young people at the game.. and went dancing with elainers (are you going rockclimbing soon? hahaha) and yes, more shopping - though am toning it down now...must save money!!!


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