January 30, 2004

Am i paranoid? No. I know I'm big, but why do people have to state the obvious?

1. Jpeg's bball teammate: "DAMN your gf is BIG. Not like BIG BIG, but like BIG. I bet she's strong too..." (eww)
2. Mandy's workmate: "she is the tallest, biggest, asian I have ever seen" (said with appropriate german accent)
3. Model scout: "You're the tallest, hottest, most stunning asian I've ever seen. Can our agency sign you up?"

okay, so i made that last one up.

Honestly, do people go around to small/midget/dwarf/little (sorry for un-PCness) people going "DAMN you're short!". like duh...i never noticed i'm big. These people obviously have never seen Northern Chinese Giants.


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