January 29, 2004

Like hello there, happy readers. I have been chastised for my lack of daily updates (which is a load of bullocks considering some people only update their�s monthly � when did this become a blog competition!! Hehe) so here it is...

Where did this gut come from? - poking my fleshy paunch - I�ve always known that I have abit of a spare tire, but ever since the pressure has been on to lose some weight, it�s as if my body is in protest and saying �Noooooo!� and has been making me eat like I�m a bear preparing for hibernation. And it�s not like I�m not doing any exercise�Okay now that I�ve pointed that out, nobody is allowed to check out my fats the next time they see me :p

Similar to jellybee�s (aka alanbobalan) near death experience with a office ceiling tile, I too had a close call. I was cruising down princess highway yesterday arvo and I saw a bright flash in my rear view mirror and I thought it was a red light camera then suddenly a huge boom of thunder came from above. I swear I have never been to close to lightning! Normally I wouldn�t have been too worried, but after all those recent cases where people have been struck, nay ATTACKED by lightening (cricket pitches, police cars etc), it did freak me about abit � had to check that my tyres were still inflated and my internal organs hadn't fried. Phew�.

And then it hailed again at training. Luckily it only lasted a few minutes so we got back in our boat and paddled on in the sewage overflow pit that is Blackwattle Bay.

I really suck on my right side.


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