January 27, 2004

Happy Campers

Harlo everyone who reads my blog! Today i'm on counter duty at work, which means I get to sit in my own 'cone of silence', which means I have time to blog. *yay*

Last weekend was the australia day long weekend (Go Aussieees!). The Fiji Gang (mostly from fiji and somehow connected to J.Low and uni friends) and I went to Kangaroo valley (again) to paddle and camp overnight. The differences between this camping trip and my last one in Dec are summarised in point form below:

1. No 'Ah Chat' (Ney ho man ah!) to fish and show us his savy survival skills (just like rupert off survivor pearl islands. Instead we had Darran. He was our 'pocohontas' with a feather in his cap (literally) and was our scout, sent forth in his one man kayak to look for suitable camping sites and to make sure we didnt paddle over the edge of the dam. He kicked whole trees down as fire wood (not something I advocate, but he insisted the tree was 'dead' anyhow...) and managed to penerate his snoring through three tents.

2. Extreme weather conditions. We only went for two days and one night, but during that time, we experienced sunny humid heat, drizzling rain, HAIL, pelting rain and fog.

3. Instead of having 10 people crammed into a 7 man tent, we had 3 tall people in a 3 'short' man tent. with tree roots stragically placed under my back for good measure.

Gotta love it. Spent most of Australia Day in Penriff. ('penrith' for those of you who don't speak yobbo) Why? Because the IDS dragonboat training day was on at the regatta centre. We did time trial heats on one man Outrigger Canoe (OC1s) and raced each other. It was alot of fun, even when I tipped over three times and had to swim the canoe and myself back to shore. (Glad I had those lifesaving skills from highschool - you know where they make you swim in clothes and shoes and drag a person back to shore...haha) The most important lesson I learnt - paddle more!! My technique is shitty when I race.

ELAINERS!!! Where got? When are you coming back!! Wahh! I miss your stupid retardly retarded (un-PC) ways! So glad you found Mogo galore (i hope they had better colours and shapes than the pink gay-ass flower).

Last weekend marks the first three month milestone with jpeg. As mars put it "who would have thought, out of all of us, YOU dating a baller!" Indeed. And although (as Joe reminds me) I often whinge about his non-stylo ways, it's probably one of the things I like about him most- that he isnt really that vain or care too much about what other people think (esp. if it means I can style him up as my own pet project...hehe! *shhhhh!*)



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