March 08, 2004

Oh Mickey You're so Fine!

Ahh the foolish things we do when we are bored - Shar showed me the little webcam clip that Tracey, Karina and I did at Shar's place 3 or so years ago. We were mucking around on a rainy day and decided to choreograph and sing and dance. Lovin' it! Will post a link to it if it ever goes on the web.

It was a crazy crazy weekend. Filming has finally begun and Shitty Bitchy Whingy Beck made several special guest appearances (is it strange that I talk about myself in the third person?). I blame this on crappy weather dampening my spirits and my clothes and my monthly cycle (grrr). It's amazing how the weather can affect your mood. I dont think I would have lasted one day in the rain on Survivor. All that dripping wet rain, soggy clothes and dirt for the one afternoon is enough to convince me that we should be building under cover carparks everywhere regardless of how ugly they are or what impact they have on the environment. ha! *vent*

Anyhow the filming was somewhat successful, as always we 'winged it' on almost every second shot due to time and location constraints. Everyone was being most co-operative, something about being in a dragonboat team builds up a great sense of team effort - I think they're just used to listening and following instructions to help us out...or just scared. hehe :D

On Saturday night I finally got to celebrate making it onto the State Team! Mel, Tif and I went on down to Mal's birthday party at World Bar in Kings X and toasted ourselves "STATES!!". Haven't had a good dance off in ages - and when Harmonie's little party gang came in dressed for Gay Mardi Gras, it was hella funny. I'm just waiting for the blackmail photos to come back to me!


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