June 23, 2003

How to be a domestic goddess. haha
This weekend I whipped into a cooking frenzy and finally made the "dreaming of picnics" pink frosted cupcakes that i'd been dreaming of making for years! Of course I got a little help from Betty Crocker on the frosting - that stiff sugary consistency from a can! Woo! They were so pretty and sweet, just perfect for a 7 year old girl's birthday party, it's ashame that it was for Wayne's 28th bday bbq haha! but who cares, I would eat pink cakes regardless of what we're celebrating! My next project is to try baking the cupcakes from NY's 'Magnolia Bakery' i'll definately take pictures next time. And I also cooked Nigella's yellow pumpkin and seafood curry for our thai dinner party. And Lobster Mornay *drool* and oven baked barramundi. Someone commented that I'm ready to be married now. ha! Never!


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