December 23, 2003


As the sweltering sydney summers descend upon us, my bedroom has yet again become an insect sanctuary. I dont live near the bush, I dont live in a wooden shack, I dont think my room is particularly unhygenic (though my mum begs to differ) so the only reason I have for the invasion is that my room is the hottest with the most windows and little gaps.

A few xmas' ago the gutter near my window become a birds nest. Seemingly harmless, until the bird lice plague descended down my walls and into my bed (while I was IN my bed). Last year it was cockroaches, big fat ugly noisy ones that scuttled up and down my venetian blinds. The other night I walked into my room and was greeted by the sight of a whole colony of spiderlings. Joy of Joys. I dont mind the odd spider, since they eat pesky roaches and fly and mozzies and probably bird lice too, but when there's party of spiders suspended from my ceiling above my bed, it's really scary! Half a can of mortein later, the problem is sorted, but i'm still worried they're breeding in my wardrobe in all my clothes! I think I'll have to bring in some spider eating birds, but then there will be bird lice again....I think I'll go and live in a bubble.


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