December 03, 2003

Yay...procrastination period over! After 3 years I finally put in my tax returns. I don't know why i put it off for so long, probably worried I had to pay them money! But turns out I'm getting a fair amount back so I'm happy! Just have to wait for the money to come through! *phew*

So now i can tick off (a) from my list of things to do before 2004!!!!!!and with my tax refund I'm going to pay off my credit card and start saving for my holidays and a deposit for a house..haaaa....going to have to start cutting back on spending. I can feel big changes in 2004. Scary and exciting!

Hoochie mama is in the shop again! I hope I see her by the weekend! Some weird paint thingy happened to her front and rear bumpers.

Am getting really excited about this summer. I"m going ot finish playing ball for a while and start to concentrate on paddling. Hope to work hard enough to get into State Team and then start outrigging paddling for some fun.



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