December 17, 2003

Usually our daily coffee breaks are filled with meaningless chit chat and good coffee. Today we actually talked about real social issues �gasp - . The headline of the Daily Telegraph (such a respectable paper! NOT!) about Saddam's wife supposedly betrayed him sparked it off. That�s what you get for having 4 wives. Ha! We quickly moved on to greedy women and the injustice of the social security system in Australia, which I know is great in comparison to say�Iraq, but the reality is that women are popping out 3 children and sitting on their arse and getting their hair streaked and nails done on OUR tax money. There�s a methadone clinic in Kogarah and often you see the mum and dirty little kids running around the streets of Kogarah and you really want to just rescue them. And it�s all fine and well to say that looking after 3 kids is a tough job, but these women are intentionally getting preggers so that they don�t have to work, so they can get government money. What kind of environment are they bringing these children up in? What kind of society are we breeding? And it�s not just the poorer areas, wealthy families are raising bitchy kids who have everything and expect everything without having to earn it. I can�t imagine being a parent. I can�t even discipline myself, so how could I be expected to discipline my own child�

On another less depressing note (though more sadistic)� I�m thinking about doing the DB boot camp! Eeeeeek!!
The program is
The weekly regime:
Monday mornings: 5:45am-7:15am Dragonboat
Monday nights: Weights training program (on own or with training partner)
Tuesday nights: 6:45pm-8:30pm Dragonboat
Wednesday mornings: Weights training program (on own or with training
Wednesday nights: 6:45pm-8:15pm Cross training
Friday mornings: 5:45am-7:15am Dragonboat
Friday nights: Weights training program (on own or with training partner)
Satrurday afternoons: 3:45pm-5:30pm Dragonboat
Sunday: Clean barracks, and R & R (rest)

I think they are joking about the clean barracks bit, but the rest is serious. Talk about getting my ass whipped.


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