December 03, 2003

Maybe next year...

Last night I tried to organise to have a dinner date with jpeg. He said to me and I quote "will it be this year or next year?". It's pretty sad when i have to book in a date to spend time with my bf for next year! I guess it's just a sign of me being really really busy. There are so many things I want to do, but just so little time! I'm on a project crafty spurt and if I don't keep up i'll lose interest.

Uncompleted projects
1. Sewing .
(a) Big Bags,
(b) little Bags.

2. Magnets.
marble magnets . Might delegate my brother to do them

3. Family photos.
(a) Photos for hanging.
(b) Replacing old albums. Following YGD's cue, I'm starting to put the old fading pics from the crappy family albums into nice new acid free long lasting archive type ones. Last night I put some of my baby photos into an album for my mum for xmas. I used a great scrapbook style album that is basically a card of paper that you stick all the pics on and then you slip it into a plastic sleeve. So much better than pulling pictures off the magnetic sticky things. They are so hard to pull off the old albums! Anyhow, I'm putting half of me and half of my brother's baby ones into one album. Will have to systematically put all the other family photos in albums at some stage. Could take me years....

4. Cleaning my room. I know it's lame to put it as a project, but it's just eating away at me. all that clutter must be bad for my feng shui!! So i'm going to make a BIG effort to fix it up this holidays (like every holidays!)

AND these are just my own projects they dont even include BCK film projects. ARGH.
I guess I hope to get the photos and bags done by xmas...


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