December 23, 2003

dont know if i blogged this or not (joe can tell me since he is a regulahh reader) going on my first camping trip in years. And it's my first official 'no toilets and no showers' camping trip. Now, despite what you may hear, I am not a dirty girl (unlike X-tina), so I dont mind abit of dirt, as long as I can get clean at some stage. Of course this is slightly 'lady of leisure' camping since I dont have to hike anywhere. but i have never ever been anywhere where I have had to bring my own water and dig my own hole to shit in. Definately moving out of that comfort zone. Which is what my forgotten new years resolution is do things out of my comfort zone. (and for all you smutty people out there thinking "does she mean having sex upside down and kinky stuff?" the answer is no...comment hahaha.) So camping it is! And then boot camp. Maybe i'll make it every month I have to promise to do something out of my comfort zone.

This guy has a little blog that lists all the 101 things he wants to do within 1001 days. Which is a pretty cool idea. So along with a list of new years resolutions, I think NYE 2003 will be spent writing a list of 101 things whilst enjoying the company of good friends, nice views and good food.


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