November 27, 2003

Last night was our first meeting for our video production workshop. I was quite excited about it coz I thought I'd be learning heaps of stuff with my friends. Now it turns out I'm making a short film with two of my chickies AND 2 middle aged women who could be my mothers. Hot Flash Alert! I thought it was a YOUTH PROGRAM organised by the YOUTH co-ordinator. Why couldn't they spread the old people around?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know they might not be menopausal, and that they probably have new perspectives and experiences to share with me..BLAH BLAH BLAH. but it still sucks. Call me age-ist! :-p~ And to think i'm stuck spending my friday night with them, when I should be at my work Xmas Party. *sigh* AND my entire weekend! At least I have Shar and Syl - maybe they're intimidated by me and my little gang of asians..ha!

Meanwhile, fucker and his leading lady have the 'cool' group with all the experienced people - what happened to 'mix the experienced people around'. Feel like I'm drowning before I'd dived in to swim. *hissy fit* Okay going to shut up now and pretend like I'm over it. No bad kharma, or is it too late?


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