January 16, 2004

Have to blog. Guess what i'm doing next weekend? CAMPING! I know. It's truely unheard of. Twice in one year/decade.
My only hope is doesnt rain. otherwise will be SO unimpressed with using 'natural' facilities in the rain.

Am thinking about how the hell i'm going ot survive training for state dragonboat. i'm not really known for my long term dedication (ha! ask clinto for a character reference and he'll just say "she's a farker!!") - and my willpower is questionable at the best of times. Now i've been told it is not humanly possible to work and have normal relationships AND seriously train for dragonboat. The idea is that once you commit to the team it's a lifestyle, which ultimately means I will have no other life other than dragonboat....will my film/craft/interior design ambitions be tossed aside and buried forever?! Moving way out of my comfort zone.


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