January 07, 2004

Day two of Boot camp.

Last night's water session was great. You can really feel the boat moving together, and it's so strong. My right side is becoming less un-co. And I promise to do weights tomorrow! Have been given permission to eat more carbs! WOOHOO! I hoed into my fave creamy mash last night...and a whole t-bone steak to give my muscles energy to recover. There are alot of hardcore people training, and then some not so hard core ones. But everyone seems pretty motivated, especially the national team from last year who insist on wearing their old uniforms to rub it in our faces haha. In one session I was sitting behind this guy who paddles for CYL, so I was stuck staring at the ugly CYL logo - after all these years trying to get away from it!! Honestly think I should have redesigned the logo when I was given the chance.

Learnt new paddling term last night. " an inch on the catch" supposedly you must reach forward an inch more on entry 'the catch' is when you finish the return and are about to enter the paddle in the water, I think!

Housekeeping is so high maintenance. I need to wash clothes but dont have the energy.....


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