January 16, 2004

Yay! Tropfest Entry is finished and submitted!Surprisingly we finished it on the day of the deadline (unlike last year when we mistakenly thought it was due on the friday!) And now I can get back to some sort of normality in my life (me? normal?).

Didnt go to the last session of bootcamp this morning, it was just too much to face after only a few hours sleep. We're going up to newcastle for DB races this weekend. We've got our new uniforms, which are sitting in my car, but i've yet to inspect them! *ooh ahhh* Will probably freeze my nipples off at the races, as it is pouring down here at the moment and forecast for rain and lighting all weekend - dont think our singlets are THAT 'quick dry'.

Inspired by a recent visit to Sylvioso's neat and organised life (bedroom), I've decided to clean my wardrobe/room up. And so I spent 3 hours in my bedroom last night pulling out clothes and shoes and crappy bits of i dont knowwhat! But it is done. It is clean and it is hella organised (for now). I put all my respectable clothes on hangers and chucked out all my unrespectable items. If i were to calculate how much money I've spent on clothes I'm about to throw out, it would make me cry. If only I could get 'tax deductions' for my generous charity donations *sigh* My mouldy doc martin boots are about to get the flick. I haven't worn them in 8 years. I bet they are still comfy after all these years, but I just can't make myself wear them out - they're so not me anymore!!

The only problem is decided who to donate these clothes to. There are bags and shoes and clothes sitting on my bedroom floor (in 'neat' piles). Looking like a fashion battlefield.... Which brings me to my next point, where the hell am i going to store my shoes! I've been storing them in my folder cupboards under the bookshelf, but there's just not enough room. If only I have an entire walk in wardrobe like Shar, then I could install an entire shoe rack and have it all lined up. It makes me sad when I see Shar's walk in and all it's lost potential!


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