February 05, 2004

Old Man Poo!

After wednesday night's training session, a few of us had dinner at a Northern Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown- super cheap eat noodle dinner for $7.00 (it was quite nice...except for excessive garlic in the jelly fish - why there was raw garlic i dont know). We were harassed by the restaurant next door who tried to lure us in by proclaiming (in their funny mainlander way) that "our very good business success over the last 8 months must mean we have made big achievement for ourselves" (I wanted to reply - "that does not make me want to eat in your restaurant to continue to contribute to your achievement" - i think it's more because people can't be arsed to wait for a seat next door and just go in because there are tables available..) Anyhow the wait was worth it for a table in this restaurant, where else can you enjoy your meals surrounding by unique 'cultural' decor consisting of plastic grapevines from the ceiling (complete with grapes) and carpet on walls (stylo!) During dinner, Mr. Law Lau (aka Supergay) recounted his day at the hospital where he watched nurses scrape faeces from an old guy's back and bed....and thus began the infamous "Old Man Poo" song.

Old Man Poo, Old Man Poo,
If you have too much curry it will be runny like goo!
Old Man Poo, Old Man Poo *insert waving arm action*
He couldnt get out of bed so he didnt make it to the loo.
Old Man Poo, Old Man Poo
Sitck it up his bum and flick it on you
(dont forget to lick it too) *insert finger pointing action*
Old Man Poo, Old Man Poo *insert waving arms*
Lauries index finger up an old mans bum too,
puts it under your nose so you can smell it too (ewww!)
smells like his fart in Marissa's face too
Old Man Poo, Old Man Poo
Smells worse than elephant shit from the zoo
Old Man Poo. Old Man Poo...

(you get the drift basically any lines that rhyme with 'old man poo'. (thanks to mars and jojoba for the bad lines hahaha)


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