February 03, 2004

The roof! The roof! The roof is on.....not.
Actually the roof wasn't even on. Yesterday they were doing roof maintenance on my work building. A freak storm hit them just as they were almost finishing up. The result? Flooding of the top floor and the main server for all council. Of course we were concerned for people in the top floor, who had to salvage their computers and work files (half ya luck! I wish all my files got rain damage) But I was more concerned with the possibility of 1. No computers for at least half day = no work. 2. No committee meeting at night = not having to sit and amuse morons (councillors). Unfortunately, our IT dept are far too efficient and the server was up when I walked in this morning. And we still had the meeting last night. Though we might as well have not gone, since they didnt acknowledge our reports and basically were in lockdown/shutdown mode for upcoming elections. My 'stealth' manager told us all to take 1 month holiday until the elections since we wont have to do any work (but he was just joking...damn!)


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