March 10, 2004

Hello Loyal Blog Readers!

Today is work zombie day. Everyone is walking around the office like a zombie...the first explanation is the extreme heat yesterday and last night, everyone was deprived of sleep and therefore in a walking sleeping state. The other (more honest) explanation is that alot of people drank alot of beer to cool themselves down, resulting in a walking sleeping hungover state.

Last night I said goodbye to Moppy. He's leaving to go to Shannxi Provence in China (apparently nearish to Beijing) to teach english to the Chinese. He's what we call an 'egg'. White on the outside and yellow on the inside! Will miss you're funny humour and bar tender skills, Moppus!

Here are some typical Taiyuan snacks from Shannxi....go the cat ears!!

1. Steamed Doughball Made from Naked Oats
The Shanxi people make the flour of the naked oats grown on northern cold highlands in the province into small dough balls with boiling water, and then steam them. They are extremely delicious when eaten together with mutton and chili oil.

2. Chopped Noodle
The willow-leaf shaped Chopped Noodles are garnished or fried. It has a delicious taste.

3. Cat Ear
It is called this because its shape resembles a cat ear. Cat Ear is made of dough stewed in boiling water and then garnished or fried.

4. Eight-Delicacy Soup
Also called Tounao, the syrup contains three fatty pieces of mutton, and tonic vegetables. Its aroma combines the smell of liquor, herb and mutton.


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