May 11, 2005

866 Is it my lucky number? No.
It’s the number of emails I received during an audit period from March to May at work. Putting me at No.4 in the whole of council! Top 4 baby! And this isn’t to say I don’t do any work – as my colleague put it “I can’t help it if I’m popular!” , she’s only been here since Feb and she is No.2. Funny thing is three of the top 5 email receivers are from our little section…and we got nominated for team of the year. I put this down to us being constantly at the forefront of new information (even if it is about when Lincraft has a sale day).


Blogger jaysun said...

Last December, I was told I blew my team's phone budget because I made too many mobile phone calls to Simon.

5:19 pm  

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