November 03, 2006


The kilos are creeping back on after the trip (no more 8 hour walking days, just 8 hour- sitting-in-front-of-computer days), but the new shirts still fit for now and the jeans just barely. This can only mean one thing –I haven’t actually been training much har!

Wednesday marked the start of a new month and my return to ‘massive un-sexy back’ weights training. I’ve been undecided for the last few months over whether to go for the Sydney World Dragonboat Championships in 07 or whether I should try to lead a normal life that does not require me to watch my body fat percentage, train 10 times a week, endure waking up every day with a new ache in my body, have no real social life for 9 months and sadly, grow a she-hulk back that cannot be contained in nice shirts or my new Zara coat that I just bought in Japan! However....after 2 years I’ve decided maybe I am ready for all this again. BRING ON THE PAIN…for now. It will all depend on my trials to get into the NSW team in December. Watch this space.


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