October 03, 2006

Lost in Translation...

Konnichi wa!

Tokyo was fast and fun. We stayed one night in a little Ryokan (traditional inn style accommodation) sleeping on tatami mats, and spent the next night in Cityhotel Lornstar (not to be confused with P0rnstar) right in Shinjuku - in the Gay district. Tokyo was one of the hardest places to navigate, partly because it was all in Japanese and not many people spoke English, and also the train systems were definately the biggest and most difficult ones we had encountered. Still, Red Ginger managed most of the navigation and we checked out Harajuku, a famous Shrine, Japanese noodles and sushi, electric city (for our new digital cameras) and Shibuya for more shopping.

We also met up with darling Keith, who took us to eat excellent sushi and sashimi - my new favourites are now scallop sashimi and cuttlefish sushi! And he took me to a 'GAY BAR! GAY BAR! GAY BAR!' around the corner from our hotel!

When i checked my luggage in at Sydney it was 13kgs, when I checked my luggage in at Tokyo it was 30kgs not including my handcarry (with a stack of pot tiles!)! I was so paranoid that my bags filled with all my goodies wouldn't arrive in Sydney...but they did! And so did Mel's eventually...


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