October 11, 2006

Spring in Sydney

Yeah I'm back.

Since last thursday I've managed to:
-Convince Jpeg that he needs a suit and go with him to buy one!
-Go drinking and dancing with my mean girls and enjoy Lucy's flashdance moves!
-Celebrate Mylee and Tom's wedding and watch Jpeg eat his way through his first Chinese Wedding Banquet!
-Visit the Growers Market at Pyrmont and enjoy a delish gourmet lunch with Syl and Ben!
- Do two erg trials and a DB regatta
-Go to the Noodle Markets in Hyde Park (sydney hehe) with the girlies
- Wear my new boots! Whilst the weather is still cool enough...
and watch 'Step Up' the latest 'Save the Last Dance' style dance movie! Oh i want to dance!!

oh and go back to work ugh. Only made bearable by my cool workmates, and that I'm getting a new work car very very soon. YAY!


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