October 20, 2006

Slowly getting back to it

Actually it's only been two weeks since i came back and sadly it's all too easy to slot back into this life like I never went on holidays!

Luckily, there are plenty of things to keep me occupied and away from post holiday blues. I'm loving the 30+ degrees heat, and hanging out with Jpeg (who is officially no longer referred to as TB boy because he is all clear YAY). So far have not been back in the OC6, but have taken 'Wiki Wiki' out for a paddle.

Last night mean girls and tiffy went to see 'No.2' a NZ movie about Fijian matriarch and her family living in NZ. It was good fun, and it was all for a good cause raising funds for Kidney Disease in Fiji, there was even an after party at our fave 'Golden Palace' bar in Chinatown. So many things to do on a school night. I love it!

Getting back into training for...dunno what. Sydney 07 Dragonboat world championships? Maybe. Right now I'm starting to think about training for this Biathlon series. Except I'm no runner and I dont know if they have a 'maximum' time limit, but i guess it's a goal to make me run and swim more!


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