April 16, 2007

Sydney Easter Show 07

Hello..sorry for no updates, been busy racing and relaxing. Thanks to those of you who left comments on last post - I'm feeling the LOVE and spreading it around :)

On Good Friday I went to the Easter Show with some friends - I haven't been to The Show in a long time. I think i've only been once since they moved to the homebush show ground. It was a great day - so much to see and do and eat (cheese on a stick? fairy floss? german sausages? waffles? oh the decisions!). We started at 9am and didnt leave until 11pm coz we also watched the Rugby League Game that was part of the ticket deal.

9AM: Cat Show - Shar wanted to see the cat show , we saw some burman kittens being judged and some had ridiculous faces on them...

10AM: Dog Show
We saw a dog obedience judging, and walked around the dog breeders stalls. Shar and I bought a super cool animal hair removing comb - i use it on my carpet to pick my own hair up haha.

10.30AM: Flower Show - I love Dahlias and succulents and they both happened to be on show the day we went!

11AM: Arts Show! - the cake decorating is always my favourite - check out giant sushi and love the kitschy old school decorating too.

12Pm: Xtreme Korruption! We saw Lady Cannonball and motor cross madness... fully sik bro.

1PM: Poultry. I loved the chickens for some strange reason...some of them were bizarre..These hens have gorgeous feathers that for some reason make me want to break out in that 'See My Vest' song sung by Mr. Burns from The Simpsons...hmmm....

2PM: Tiny Rina! The Smallest Belly Dancer....she was tiny but we couldnt take pictures of her. This is the Princess Popcorn out the front.

3PM: Wood Chopping Action - we watched the big men in white pants chop wood with big axes. They looked like real VB men....sooo manly with beer guts..

And after that I didn't take that many pictures (except for some reason alot of the chickens and then my batteries ran out ha ha) So that's it for my pics but the others have pics! We also went to buy show bags, checked out the farm animals - no ducklings down the slippery dip! what's up with THAT! we saw a whole bunch of piglets though! And then we watched the dogs vs rabbitohs game (dogs won by a mile much to Mars' dismay).


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