March 19, 2007

Weekend Update

I'm sick at home. This is the third day I've taken a half sick day. I should've taken a whole day off on thursday and I reckon I would have been better by now. Instead i guilted myself into feeling 'okay' and went into work on thursday and friday but ended up leaving at lunchtime on both occasions. and then went and pushed myself to the limit on saturday doing the City Chase Adventure Race (which will be featured in a later entry) and squad training.

On sunday I was feeling better, but this morning I woke up feeling very ordinary. But I still went to work and I didn't last again. Should have saved myself the hassle of getting ready to go to work (I even blowdried my hair this morning which never ever happens)! I blame the guy over the partition who bought his cough back from NZ last week. Anyhow I'm hoping abit of serious rest will make me feel better soon! HT thinks I might have legionnaires' disease . har.

BTW Too lazy to write about it anymore so here are the rest of the pics of our Tassie Trip last month.


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