March 07, 2007

News Flash!

Voodoo and I have put in our entry for the City Chase Adventure Race in the city next weekend! It should be fun and a big day, considering it's a world wide event and looks like some 'pro' adventure racing teams will be competing! The prize is a trip to compete in an international final of the city chase series.. I'm just hoping we finish in time for Squad training at 3.45pm (yes 'State Coach' you read correctly). Should be a whole heap of fun - Flipside are GO!

This weekend I'm also going up to the Gold Coast to do a 44km changes race at the Gold Coast Cup ! Yay for cheap domestic airfares. We're staying at the Sea World Nara Resort. The last time I stayed there was in 1988 when i went with my dad to a dragonboat race and actually sat in row 10 to make up the numbers (probably the last time I sit in row 10 coz good luck fitting in there now!)...and I remember they were filming an episode of E-Street with Marcus Graham and Alyssa Jane Cook. (but i digress!). After the big race on Saturday I'm hoping to chill out on the beach if it's good weather!


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