February 05, 2007

Flamenco, Fried Icecream, Fat baby and Flaming Cockatoos

F is for Flamenco.
Two weeks ago, Voodoo scored free tix to see the famous flamenco dancer Eva Y at the Opera House. The performance was excellent except that we couldn't see their feet stomping as we were in the front row, but I imagined that the stomping was great haha. We stomped all the way home to the car.

F is for Fried Icecream

Ben gives his thumbs up for the fried icecream

Been on a fried icecream bender. Last month Ben, Rita and I decided that our lunchtime ritual of eating chinese 'polo buns' after beef noodle soup at Miss Saigon in Hurstville was in need of an overhaul, especially since the quality of the buns and freshness has gone down (they introduced plastic wrapping so now the crunchy top is no longer crunchy) ANYHOW. We found a better substitute in our friend the fried icecream. We trawled down Forest Rd and found a suitable chinese restaurant that was 'gwai lo' enough to offer fried icecream. We all agree that caramel topping is superior to the chocolate. There's something special about the combination of fried sponge cake crumbs and vanilla icecream with caramel that just works. chocolate doesn't work as well, and I normally love chocolate. Ever since, I've become addicted. A 'once-in-every-few-months' treat has turned into a twice a week habit. It will have to stop, or else I will start looking like a fried icecream.

F is for Faber
Finally got to meet Claudy's gorgeous baby Faber. She's cute and so huggable and yes she's a big girl for only 9 months.

F is for flaming cockatoos.
Actually it was for the Cockatoo Cup which is Big Dave's little special event for Australia Day. A bunch of crazy paddlers go around Cockatoo Island (twice) in Sydney Harbour just for fun. Red Ginger and I were meant to break out our OC2 'wiki wiki' and go for the cockatoo cup record this year (last year I missed out coz i was hung over). Except we got scratched out of the race in the last minute (which was just as well since we had state DB time trials the next morning). Instead I baked green and gold cupcakes with KK and watched everyone else cross the finish line.

Later that arvo I went to Aoife's housewarming which was lovely. The wallpaper was gorgeous, the furniture was retro cool and now i have apartment envy. (and i regret not taking any pics). Also managed to catch up with Blee and JK who were in from London for a short stint and it was great to have an excuse to pig out on yum cha!


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