April 30, 2007


On Saturday I got to play substitute Adventure Racer for Lady Malia in the 'Flipside Wahines' team - we went up north to East Lake Macquarie and attempted the final AROC adventure race . I say 'attempted' because we didn't actually finish it, but after 4 hours I thought it was still a pretty good effort. (the cut off time was 6 hours) we cut the race short and headed straight to the finish line to hang out and pretend we finished with all the more experienced racers hehe! The race consisted of 9km on foot, 20km on your mountain bike and 3.5km kayaking. We never got to the kayaking bit, but the mountain biking was great - caked in mud the whole way, and the coastal leg required us to jump and swim fully geared into the ocean, rock pools and scramble up rocks to get out. I ended up with some great bruises but not nearly as bad as Voodoo who did a great stack on her bike that i witnessed infront of me. I also stacked it off my bike and off one of the rocks trying to get out of the ocean!

We didn't have any time to take pictures, but there are definately a few of me and mel at the race briefing - links to come later. Thanks to Mel and Maureen for making my first adventure race so much fun!


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