May 08, 2007


So most of you know i'm pretty blind - i've worn glasses since I was in year 7 when my science teacher Ms Ratcliffe (affectionately referred to as Ratty) pulled me out of class to demand that I should stop squinting at the blackboard and go to the optometrist. ah the joys. Next thursday I'm finally biting the bullet - I'm getting Lasik eye surgery and i'm hoping I will be able to jump out of bed without first having to search for my glasses and jump into the water without having to scrunch my eyes shut worrying that my contacts will float away....I will miss my funky purple glasses though - I often get mistaken for a doctor when i wear them HA HA (okay I also work in Kogarah where most people either work for St George Bank or for the Hospital so it's not that unbelievable!)

I'm thinking of doing a photographic homage to my life with glasses...but the photos would be so dorky i dont think I could bear it hahaha (exercising my right to self-censorship!)


Blogger JGE said...

Do it. Do it. Just do it. Do it.

10:46 pm  

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