July 22, 2007


Yeha just noticed how long it's been between posts. That's because I'm busy training - you can read my training blog for an update (if you dont know the link them email and ask me...it's all 'secret squirrel')- and also beceause I've become a FACEBOOK WHORE. Yeah look me up...

This weekend was jam packed with fun - it convinced me that I'm still leading a balanced life sort of and not the insane feeling of having your life run away from you.

A combination of training (2 excellent DB training sessions), socialising (catching up with the girls and seeing jpeg for at least a few hours), eating (baking pineapple pie, home cooked meals and 'About Life') and cultural activities (watched '25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee', the Bledisloe Cup, and went partying at a really cool club in Kings Cross which reminded me of being at a random houseparty!)makes for one tired but happy girl :D


Blogger Cherie said...

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Blogger Cherie said...



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Blogger mich said...

Hey Bex! Where's the latest update? I see you haven't painted the PD website pink yet too :P I'm not coming back to do it!

9:04 am  
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