October 20, 2003

Muscle Memory
Oh the sweet pangs of muscle pain. Yes it's that time of the year again...rowing season. Or 'paddling' season as the technically correct term is....whatever! The main point is that dragonboat season is upon us again. argh...Our first event was on sunday down at Rodd Point. We came second in mixed event, which is really good considering we co-hosted the event and havent been training much (i've only been to 2 whole sessions! both easy ones hehe!). Anyhow, have to really decide if I should concentrate on outrigging this year - but it's kind of hard since it means i will be b-balling, outrigging and dragonboating. Don't want to spread myself too thin (hahah if only it would make me thinner)

Hoochie Mama is BACK - missed you so much my little car! It's like my wings were clipped but now i'm freeeee again :)

Also, apparently I've got an official attachment with a jpeg file. hehe ;-)


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