October 02, 2003

I had my SECOND car accident yesterday! Talk about shitty shitty bang bang! Anyhow let's not talk of such evil things and paper cuts (dont ask). I put more pics up on the pics link. Am still in love with my little camera. I think I'm going to have to start naming my inanimate objects - like Cazz does. Or maybe just put a "mr." infront of it like elainers does. Hmm.. Mr. Camera. or "Izzy" coz it's an Ixus.

Last night I went to see Flamenco Rocks - a performance of flamenco and rock music with dancers. Am totally loving the *stomp *stomp* *clap clap* dancing. Sylvia and I plan to stomp our way through the long weekend (and annoy our friends!) *evil cackle and stomp*


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