October 13, 2003

Ain't no fun....
Another weekend passes...Can't believe it's only a few more weeks til Fiona and Eric's wedding!!! Can't believe the entire year has seemingly flashed by without me noticing!!! Can't believe I'm using so many exclaimation marks!! :-p If you asked me what I was doing this time last year I'd say "mental blank". Anyhow finally got around to doing a budget - if I were a small nation, I'd have to say "it's time for a recession we have to have". Time to seriously monitor my spending habits - of course 'essential items' like matching shoes for my dress and a handbag will not be off limits...haha.. No..seriously.

Last week I watched two carnivale performances. 'Little Asia Dance' which included 5 solo female performances of totally contemporary off the wall dancing with plenty of Tits & Ass action! Of course Clinto fell asleep after the 3rd act. hehe! Then on friday night went to see 'Solo for Two' with none other than the brilliantly loud and fun Miss Sylvia. The german breakdancer was too cool for skool, and he was definately old skool. I think the two teenage B-boys sitting infront of us were almost as entertaining with their "yeahhh dats da shiiit" and "uh - AWESOME!" everytime 'Storm' laid down some hot moves (do i sound like a B-girl? NOT).

Went to the NLSA danceparty on weekend - which turned out to be a BIG success. Was totally impressed with the turn-out and had lots of fun dancing, though my ears didnt stop ringing til sunday arvo, which suggests that (a) the speakers were too loud (b) i'm getting old and my recovery time is now longer.. agh. tragically i think it might be a combination of both.

Actually went to the gym today - been feeling crapiola coz I hadn't been in two weeks, so it felt good to go for a quick run. Just realised I'm playing mixed and womens bball comp starting this week, so hopefully will be doing more exercise!

The other day I went to Newtown and finally bought a new keyring - a 'gloomy bear' one no less. It�s a cute Japanese anime bear � like Hello Kitty and all those other gay characters, only this one is different, he likes attacking children. I�m talking bloody teeth and claws on a pink bear. It was so sadistically brilliant, I had to get it! Anyhow here are some links this one is the story behind Gloomy Bear and this one has some cool products .


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