October 08, 2003

I'M definately not 'LOVIN' IT!
Tonight I revisted our old sunday haunt, the Auburn ball courts. I remember the seemingly endless sundays of basketball and the smell of stale sweat and the sounds of squeaking shoes, the hot hot summer days and the cold cold winters mornings. I know I still play ball and get to smell sweat and hear overpriced-overrated-mass-produced-sweatshop-made shoes being squeaked on the courts at KGV...it's just different. "yars yars, twas me golden era of happy bball days...back in my day we played for fun and mucked around afterwards, before the money and the hype and the dreams to be bigger, better and more serious took over". hehe.. When I first started playing ball, i used to wear these terribly short bikepants aka hotpants, hoping to distract the other team with my 'stunning' (read: hideously white and wobbly) legs...because i couldnt play for shit. And when we were happy when we came third in the girls comp. Nowdays I wear longer shorts - i think there's some relationship between my skill level and the length of my shorts (though i still can't play for shit). Or maybe I just got out of my tragic hot pants phase....

And for those of you who love the affection-vortex I've added a link to her blog - one of her self-styled tributes to herself (for further references see her website) hehe . And she wonders why I pay her out so much...*ahhh* I guess i'm feeling sentimental - back to the golden days. How things change-ed.


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