November 12, 2003


Woooooooo Excitment. I've done my reading and now feel ultra prepared for weddingness schedule. Perhaps this sleep deprivation is enhancing my mental clarity! Didnt get to bed til 3ish this morning because we've fucking finished the wedding video...yay HELLA GOOD! Corny? Yes! But who the hell cares, it's a wedding, so cliched corniness is the standard (at least that's what i kept telling clinton.)

And i made my first ever bag. Impressed? You should be, coz i sure am. My mother was mortified that I hadn't planned and prepared what the bag design was blah blah. She's not very spontaneous I realised - since my can-do friend Cazz just leaps right into her projects. I guess I want to be half spontaneous half planned (since I am a planner) I think she's ingrained the whole 'prepare first' motto into my conscience. Will post up pics of handbag on website soon.

Do I sound tired?!!! shitnit. blogness out.


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