November 03, 2003

*gargle gargle*

Ever since I shared a bathroom with Abs - i've become totally addicted to Listerine. A whole new world of fresh breath and pain in the morning (from the explosion in my mouth just like the tvAd!)
Had to update blog so it is consistent with Darling Elainers! Who is getting Nigel Action!*action action action* (must echo for SFX sound)

The wedding was nice and entertaining, the after party which wasn't so fun - especially since I wasn't drunk! Speaking of weddings, all panic stations ON! Two weeks! And hen's night this weekend! Must organise prizes and stuff! Who will come with me to the sex shop? Don't all volunteer at once! Which reminds me, my manager told me the latest craze in germany is to have porno karaoke, where you watch the porno on the screen and have to make up the sounds of the 'actors' on the mic. I wonder if it will catch on here!

Must blog that I bought a FABULOUS gold glo-mesh handbag for wedding outfit. It's original oroton probably from the 1970s and is in great condition , all for bargain price of $15 from St. Vinnies.

Starting to feel the silly party season approaching and I feel totally unprepared! Where did the year go?!

blogness. out.
OH and darling Cazz is leaving to go work in UK/Europa! So happy for her! So sad for me that I wont be able to do crazy crafty thing with her when she's gone!


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