November 24, 2003

Bloody Johnny Wilkinson!

You know in my last blog, I seriously thought that I would have my life back after the wedding - well i do, but can I exchange or refund it back? Had a VP (video production) meeting with F#1 and starting writing up timeline for msotv and other projects, and to be quite honest, I'm concerned that I won't have time to shit, let alone spend time with jpeg. ARGH! I thought my summer would be relaxing and all...

Eww! Stupid girl at GJ's forgot to toast the underside of my raison toast! Anyhow, went to Marsh and Grams for Curry Night last night! Talk about awesome, okay not as authentic as Tata's in Nadi, but still damn good! The roti/chapatis were oh so light and delish! And got a full lesson on cucumber raita. Go Keith! (he's just like jamie olivier - only fijian, gay and an air stewardess...oh the similarities. haha) The funniest dish was Abbie's 'salty sago'.

Spent 4 hours making Abbie's pink clutch yesterday! Was abit of a struggle towards the end - I think the finishing wasn't the best, but it's not bad for my first clutch! Will post pics up on site soon.

Darling elainers - good luck with your exams..the light is at the end of the tunnel!

Shout out to Joe-Joe my regular blogness reader - man you are so hard core when you're training. I can smell the testosterone rippling through your hairy back... hahaha!

Must blog again that I am totally loving Queer Eye, and now am totally scared and appalled that there's going to be an Aussie Version (it is so not going to work!) - AND am even more appalled that I am considering putting in an application for jpeg to be made-over by the show! *cackle* Does that make me a bad gf?! *evil grin*

Am also very very impressed that Head Swell (literally and figuratively) has been updating her blog - though there has been no mention of my being to date. *muahahha*


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