November 18, 2003

Yay! It's all over. Talk about an overwhelming sense of relief! Oh and joyful, and happy and all those nice wedding sentiments you find in Hallmark cards! haha Honestly, it was a beautiful wedding and the 12 page 'manifesto' was completed to full time schedule etc etc. And of course The Bride looked amazing and so did the groom! And boy did we all feel special to be helping out on the day. Of course we were too stressed to think about it, but in hindsight, I dont think I would have been satisifed to be just a passive participant at YDG & Eric's wedding. The MC'ing went great. I think I piked about abit and let Mars do most of the talking, which is kind of what i planned for all along! least I looked good! ;-p The only personal thought to come out of this whole wedding extravaganza thing, is that I probably wouldn't want to go through the organisation of a big wedding! Elope Elope! But alas, probably not - I would feel compelled to share my joy with Family and Friends....The shackles of filial duties...

So now i temporary have my life back. Have noticed my fats are multiplying ACK!!! All that good food and wedding banquets...*drool* but will definately have to start running my fat off again.

Made my second and third bags yesterday! Spent the day with Cazz doing relaxing crafty sewing. Finally getting to release my creative demons. I am still amazed that I can throw up material into a sewing machine and it comes out looking like something!!! I made a denim and pink bag with lucite handles for cazz (all in the details baby!) and revamped one of Cazz's previous attempts at a peacock bag. Photos to be posted soon!

Also saw Si in Breakfast Club stage version last night. It wasn't quite 80s enough for me, and didnt have a dancing scene which I was sooo looking forward too....but still overall a better production than the last one (which I had no idea what was going on...)


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