January 04, 2004

Okay as promised here is more detail of events that have passed that I didn�t blog much about.

Tropfest film
Ful sik Urban-ness. Yes, it�s in the can, baby. Well not really since we don�t use 35mm film�but anyhow, our one and only day of shooting was on Saturday at Wayne�s house. Despite my efforts to be none shitty and stay alert, it kind of went downhill once we entered �the sleeping zone� aka �the movie room� in Wayne�s house. I think the combination of lunch, sweltering suffocating stale heat, and 12 people in one room made it hard for me to remain focussed. Luckily Clintos is always there to pick up my shit, so we managed to finish it all. Hope the bra-magic works!!

Props to all the people who turned up and helped out

Shazza - for consummate acting even when she was sick and researching and scripting the film (when I didn�t feel like it) and having bras that fit the models (because obviously they don�t make models in D cups :p). Waynefur- for awesome make out bed action (who says we don�t look out for you Preston!) and for use of his facilities (and thanks to his parents too!). Clara/Xia � for her convincing make out action and cleavage. Sylvia � for timecoding and keeping it in order (we are so Pro now!). Jason Wong for his special guest appearance. Scuba Steve for his sound guy antics and creative thumbs ups! The Chad for his usual Chad appearance and for breaking our 2nd source of lighting. Shar � for slating and clapping from both sides (how skilled!). Alan � for braving the bum-part and playing the fool. Marissa for her �developing� wardrobe and hair styling skills. Kit and Joe for general support, direction and occasional stand in sound guy. Tif � fan boy (literally and physically). Esther and Clinton�s cousin who�s name I can�t remember! � for loan of models (all about the connections, baby). And Monty for his bug eyed acting ability. And last but not least, Clintos for his endurance, stamina and passion � which I hope will continue during the editing phase.

Stay tuned for how it all goes�.


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