January 01, 2004

Due to popular demand and URL errors I have gotten rid of my underscore and am now creamymash.blogspot.com

btw HAPPY NEW YEAR I hope 2004 is a BIG BIG year!
Just reflecting on the year past and all the good things that have happened this year.

1. Becoming better friends with alot of people whom I never thought I had time for...
2. Marriages galore!
3. New work team has made my career and life alot more stable
4. A CAR!!!! Go you good thing. I promise that this year I will take more care of you Hoochie. I have only washed her 3 times since Feb.. muahahhaa...
5. Camping (this is only because it is the most current event that was totally happening lah)- no longer a lady of leisure, I have been inducted into krusty chick-ness. dirt in my toenails and digging and shitting in holes.
6. Hooking up with Jpeg :))
7. Joining a Gym and actually going and working out
8. Seeing my little brother finish primary school...it's freaking me out how fast he is growing up!! He'll be a pube in now time!
9. making and winning our very first BCK films original short film!!!!!!
10. All my crafty adventures, although am beginning to think I wont complete them for a long time!

Much love to all my crew and fellow blog readers! Hope you all have an awesome 2004 with lots of good times and significant moments.



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