February 08, 2004


In the now immortal words of my good friend Kimbo "eat my waterrrr!". Yes - We won it!! Sometimes I catch myself being abit blas� about winning races, since it is my eight season �they tend to blend into one and I can�t distinguish one year from another, but this one will definitely be remembered! Definitely! This weekend was the high profile Chinese New Year races at Darling Harbour. Darling Harbour races are always one of my faves because there�s a great crowd who are practically on top of you in the water, and it�s always much more exciting �even though the course itself is abit dangerous (dodging ferries and water taxis) and the finish line on a weird distorted skew, so you really never know if you have won or not until they announce it. Which is what happened when we finally won the Mixed Sports Final.

We didn�t know if we had or not because it was so close, but when they announced it we went bananas (from all the �b-na-na-na-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-na-na�make those bodies sing�) jumping up and down screaming and cheering like possessed people. There were only a few milliseconds between first, second and third, considering we won out of a field of like 30 something teams. I'm mega impressed that my puny asian team (said with great affection and a touch of irony considering I am not a puny asian) won against all the big CAM teams. Bruhahahahhaha! It�s all about the UP UP UP�s, baby!

It�s one of the most satisfying wins I�ve had in my dragonboating �career� (hahahah that is such a funny term) and so I send my thanks and highfives to my awesome team and coaches and support crew (who were smart enough bring a shade cloth!) and cheer squads and to the people who made the sunscreen that prevented me from frying to a crisp in the 30+ degree heat and the people who made my $300 ultra light carbon paddle (it almost makes the it worth that ridiculous amount of money�almost!).

To celebrate our victory we had our 'traditional' meal at Pailou food court (it's actually sussex centre but we stick with the good old name) and I had a light beer (talk about BIG celebrations :p) . And then dancing with Jpeg and his friends and my dear little Sodie (J.Low's little sister) from Fiji. She had never been out on the town since she's come to Sydney, so we showed her around. Didnt want to get her expectations up too high so we started at the Kensington RSL. HA! Showed her how to play the pokies ("never hesitate on the red and black just go with whichever your finger takes you...") of course we lost our money, but it was a good entertainment for a whole hour! Then went on to Mocha nightclub, which was all good, except I was dressed in my dirty cargo skirt, singlet and thongs from racing that day - no change of clothes, at least I had a shower! They probably thought I was a derro that just came off the street or off the boat :p

After a few hours sleep had to haul my tired ass back to Darling Harbour for corporate races. We did really well and came third in the Mixed A Corporate Finals.

Still feel unprepared for state trials at the end of this month, but am going to make myself train alot harder, knowing that it's not out of reach!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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