February 16, 2004

Pain in my lower back. What a weekend.

After the excitment of winning the CNY races - I slacked off. I didnt train during the week at IDS or even go to the gym, not once. So when the weekend came and I had to really pysche myself up for the 3 training sessions. I was not happy or motivated. But i'm glad i went, I don't feel so guilty now -considering time trials are only two weeks away.

My pathetic fear of pain (associated with training of course ;p) probably has something do with a 'semi-big' friday night ( these days anything with alcohol is considered a 'biggie'. We (our little merry band of easily drunk asians!) have moved on from the seedy pit known as Bar Ace (my defining moment in our relationship with Bar Ace is when Mars' has to scoop out the remaining strands of regurgitated cajun chicken spaghetti into the bin in the women's toilets...with the strands sliding down the red wall tiles like those sticky toys kids throw at walls...ahhh the memories!!). Our new home is one block up to the ocka pub 'Edinburgh Castle' aka 'Boganville Pub' (because you dont have to be dressed up to go in). Everybody has been blindly led to drinking Mars' choice of piss at the moment - St Arnou Pils. The first few gulps are refreshingly bitter, but after a full glass, it just tastes like all beer - what i imagine a cold glass of de-salinated urine would taste like...yum!

Anyhow after a very scary morning training session (scary because i scared myself by yelling like a possessed woman at the team..only to motivate of course, sledging reports are unconfirmed) - and an awesome IDS session, I was ready to sleep, except there was party that i helped organise, that I had to go to! It was great - aside from the room full of hot bodies and hot food, i think everyone had fun. We didnt really have any games or music, but the secret admirers presents exchange was fun, even if it wasn't 'secret' anymore, and there was plenty loving in the love corner, and lots of funny pictures. Thanks to everyone that showed and for their contributions, and special thanks to Vicky and Chris for letting us use their place and to Elainers for her decorating efforts and to awesome sylvioso for her baking and "everything is under control, Beckiiii!!!" in the kitchen (especially when everyone yelled out "is something burning in the oven?!"). I fell asleep for two hours during the party. My body was in protest after the heat, the sunburn and training.


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