March 22, 2004

I promise this will be a whinge-free entry! hahaha....

Well the NSW dragonboat season is officially over - though we still have Dragonfest and National Titles! Spent all saturday at Penrith racing and then had to struggle through dinner - I think it marks a new era, when I have to TRY and finish my lobster without sleeping! eeeek!

Sunday was spent filming. Let's say my concentration isnt that great over a 7 hour continuous period. I dont know how Clinto does it, but I want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement and understanding through my hissy fits! I think I'm going to start prioritizing. My body just can't physically do all these i getting old?!

Scalp Punch!! Just a quick note - my shower head is great - it has a great full pressure stream jet that is almost like THE scalp punch. The scalp punch is a fant-abulous hair washing machine that has high power jets to massage your scalp with hot water and thus in combination with the 'special secret formula' Dr. Ong shampoo will transform your bald scalp into a very thin and fine baby hair lawn (except on your head). Anyhow Fiona got one for her wedding present - and she refuses to believe that my showerhead can do the same. She wants to know that her japanese imported $2000+ machine that gives her hair instant volume is irreplaceable. hehehe...Let's just say it does the job for me...


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