March 16, 2004

Urggh!! *cough splutter*

Yesterday I went to the gym and did some massive power sets of weights (okay so maybe 50kgs at the most) and today...I am aching! Even menial tasks such as walking up the stairs to the other office have become a huge effort. The thought of going all the way out for a coffee is enough to cut my addiction! So I sit here like a vegetable deprived of my coffee...

Speaking of addictions, I am extremely upset at my few of my close friends who were 'socially' smoking on the weekend. Infact let's just say I had a mini-breakdown of sorts. I was gutted by their actions because normally they do not smoke or so they claim (when i reflect on it now I realise increasingly often I see them associate alcohol and filthy ciggies). Call me hypersensitive, but the sight of them all sitting around in a little circle of smoke was enough to ruin my weekend. Although I haven't personally been touched by cancer, I notice how alot of people around me have and I don't plan to watch my friends slowly die infront of my eyes. Which is why I'm taking making my point now. Sure, hey! It's only a puff or two, but lately it's becoming more like a ciggie or two and soon it will be a packet or two and then it will become a daily habit not a 'social' habit that you can just switch on and off on the weekend.

I dont think smoking changes who you are as a person, other than you might become desperately addicted and do crazy things to fix the addiction. i can't help thinking that smoking is just a socially accepted vice, so that soon they won't think twice about shooting up some heroin. too extreme an example? Being melodramatic now? care factor: zero. SMOKE YOU, YOU SMOKERS! Look what you've made me do, go on some high moral ground! ARGH I'm getting all G'eed up! I'm not a person of high morals normally but CANCER is insane stuff. Look we might all get cancer through other things like mobile phone, hairdryers and the like, but why do something that directly contributes to it.

And I thought peer pressure smoking only occurred in highschool...I can't even pretend to conceal my disappointment.



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