March 24, 2004

The Lexicon of Friends...

After reading Joe's blog entry - I noticed how various words have filtered through to everyone's vocab. There are a few on high rotation amongst my friends that come from different stages of my life. I dont know if it's from my influence or it's coincidential, but lets go through a few.

Struggle-town! Dont be hating! a'aiht (alright)! Struggle town is a fave. It's like "cannot!" only funnier. These 'chigger' terms appeared during the Buzz period - when I used to hang out with the buzzoids through my association with Shar :) It made the whole 'baller' thing seem fun. And it was back then.

Cut-ting! This is a KS hall of fame word. Although I dont pretend to own it (i think Mars may have helped to popularise the term) everyone knows that Cutting is the most efficient way to describe my 'shoot from the hip' remarks.

Wah-lau eh! A popular malaysian term that was taken to it's peak during last season. A Chad classic - O'Chiens Eleven wouldn't have been the same without it.

How's it! Slowly infiltrating and people don't even realise! I think it's a popular fijian or islander greeting. Similar to the aussie "G'day". I caught Clinton using it the other day and it cracked me and jpeg up!

'Eat My Water!' A soon to be popular term used to full effect in the 2003/2004 season. A Kim Shaw pysche out.

More words when i have time....


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