May 16, 2004

OMG! Just have to post - cannot believe La Toya is out of american idol and cute hawaiian girl is STILL in! I'm not usually an idol fan, but ever since our "corvu idol" have been quite impressed with the show's format. Am also impressed that finalists are neither white nor male...


Blogger Marissa said...

WHAT?!?!? La Toya is out? When did this happen? What is wrong with ppl? Can't they discern talent when they see it? Apparently Hawaiian girl is going out with carrot top John Paul or whatever.

7:33 pm  
Blogger Chad said...

Same here man... Cant beleive that she is out! She is my fav... Jasmin I like cos she is pretty but she shouldnt be there at this stage. I am a keen Idol follower and Jasmin CAN sing but not sure why she is singing badly. Hopefully next week she proves to the world that she should be there...

Dont like big mouth chick. I was hoping that she was going home this week :)

Went to dog show today and those ppl really loves their dogs. The ppl I was talk too for an hour won best dog at the show! Cant wait to get a champion puppy!


8:08 pm  

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